through the difficult situations

Why consider guidance?

In the professional as well as personal life, challenges are unavoidable, yet they can strengthen us when they are well dealt with and overcome. Managers and HR professionals are not always well equipped to cope…
and particularly in a situation of crisis: accidents, attacks, death, attempted suicide or suicide, significant reorganization,…
Often with high stakes on a human, legal, economic, and media standpoint, they must be managed with a sense of urgency, particularly as the emotional impact of these situations is strong. External professional guidance makes sense.

Transformation, is about learning from the difficult situations

Learning from difficult situations so that they did not take place in vain, is a major stake for a truly comprehensive approach to prevention.
Good crisis management must be able to reduce the risk factors of the company and strengthen the capacity of health related professionals to manage difficult situations in the future.

Our actions

A complete protocol of "crisis management":

Assistance and advice to managers and to HR professionals

Advice on the rollout and evaluation of psychological support tools

Our Commitments
& Our Strengths


Mieux vivre en entreprise

Increase Quality of Work Life
Dunod 2010

Collection : Animation des Hommes, Ressources Humaine

Développer le bien-être au travail

Develop Well-being at Work
Dunod 2005

The first book in France about EAP

Dictionnaire des coachings

Dunod 2005

Collective book on individual and team coaching


Delta Airlines
Discovery Eurosport
Red Agency

"It is with great efficiency that Brigitte Vaudolon of Be Positive guided us in heightening awareness amongst our direct managers and of the CHSCT members for the prevention of the PsychoSocial Risks, and then helped us in defining common progress areas presented to the CHSCT".
Bruno Caraud
Director of Social Relations - Niji

"With heart and a good spirit, Brigitte Vaudolon regularly commits to different projects for ICAS. We have appreciated her professionalism, her rigor and her willingness to be available on several occasions. Her knowledge of the corporate world and of its men and women is such that she is a quality partner in the areas of PsychoSocial Risks as well as coaching and mindfulness."
Martine Walpole
Associate Director of ICAS France

"Brigitte worked with our clients many times. Her professionalism and serious nature are always appreciated. We are very satisfied with this collaboration that has allowed us to develop our offer through Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, highly sought after by companies. Be Positive has become a vital partner!"
PSYA Team (Groupe PSYA)

"For me, Brigitte embodies listening, proximity, acuteness of perception, relevance and professionalism in the course of her coaching: a true human contact for the well-being, the good, and the positivity of each person. If you are looking to make progress in "Self Knowledge" or need an effective mood boost, try it with confidence!"
L'Oréal - Director of Human Resources Active Cosmetics France

"Working for 10 years with Brigitte Vaudolon, I particularly appreciate her high level of professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm."
Stéphane Melaye
HR Business Partner - AIG

"Having completed a coaching early in my career has allowed me to put into place a better management of priorities, an ability to delegate and another perspective on "perfection" to increase my added value and to get out of the feeling of always being overwhelmed… I also reinforced my self-confidence, which allowed me to take on more responsibilities while starting a family."
Cécile Schneider
Training Manager - Porsche France

"I have had the great pleasure to work with Brigitte for over 10 years on many projects. She is a real expert in well-being in the workplace and has an amazing amount of energy! But above all, she's enthusiastic, eager to understand things better, and able to mobilize all the required internal and external resources to support her customers’ organizations."
Dirk Antonissen
CEO ISW Limits and President EAEF

"I have benefited from a very effective and precise collaboration with Brigitte VAUDOLON to create a guide on the quality of work life for our managers and translated into 8 languages. This tool has met with great success, and has helped our entities structure their thinking to carry out diagnostics and action plans. In addition, Brigitte helped us establish and train a network of "advising partners" who listen to people with difficulties with an “attentive ear"."
Director Health & Safety of the Energy Services Branch of GDF SUEZ