Positive psychology

Recent field of psychology (1998) that is dedicated to the study of optimal human functioning. It is a dynamic field that is the focus of numerous scientific studies on what promotes health, well-being, and performance. The main subjects of studies are for example: positive emotions and gratitude, the meaning of life and the commitment towards a goal, healthy relationships, empathy, motivation, satisfaction, the optimal experience (flow), hope and optimism, resilience, the mindfulness.

What positive psychology is not…

"Positive psychology must not be confused with a naive psychology that would negate any feelings of blues and concerns. (…) It is therefore not a Coué method of self-persuasion according to which "everything is for the best in the best of worlds"
Jacques Lecomte (dir.) (2009). Introduction à la psychologie positive, Paris, Dunod.

Not to be confused with positive thinking!

Positive psychology is not about "putting on rose colored glasses" it does not deny challenges and problems, it studies the determinants of human satisfaction. How to develop a life full of meaning and potential? What makes people who are well, well? What makes people who perform well, perform well? By which mechanisms do people overcome challenges, reinforce themselves?